Open Access Colonoscopy

Gastrointestinal and Liver Clinic now offers “Open Access Colonoscopy” to healthy patients who are eligible for colon cancer screening. In order to improve the convenience of the exam, a pre-procedure visit may no longer be required for some patients (with exceptions), saving patient time and effort.

STEP 1: 

In order to schedule a screening colonoscopy, please download the “Open Access Colonoscopy Package” online.  After completing the forms, please fax or email them to 8322 4030 or mail to the Clinic.

All the above information will be subject to review by Dr Prematilake and insurance verification. Our office will contact the patient ASAP.

STEP 2: 

Once our office contacts you to schedule your colonoscopy appointment, and for booking forms and bowel prep instruction forms

  • Preparation: Please follow the Preparation Instruction for your colonoscopy. Nurse in Day Unit in Mayo or Forster Hospital will give more details about admission time and bowel prep. Prep kit can be obtained from the time when you handover your booking forms to the hospital.

Location of the procedure:    

Forster Private Hospital, South Street, Forster

Mayo Private Hospital, Wingham Road, Taree